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Updated: Jan 25

The Effective Skincare Routine for Night-Time

There is no woman in the world who doesn’t want clear skin. Many of us will trade all of our valuables with clear and glowing skin if it was possible. But in the real world, one has to do a lot of effort to get healthy and glowing skin. One of the most important things to get glowing skin is the skincare regimen for both day and night. Even if you are doing everything throughout the day but you are not paying attention to the daily night skincare routine then you are not doing anything right.

The skincare routine for night-time is really essential and it is super effective. The main reason is that our skin regenerates at night. During the process the cell division peaks and then repairs and renews our skin cells. If you don’t have any skincare routine for night, then you really need one. To help you out, we have formulated an effective skincare routine for night-time. Follow it and have clear and healthy skin!

1- Never forget to cleanse

Yes, please don’t forget to cleanse your face properly with a great cleanser. Always use a mild cleanser and cleanse your face with it for at least 5 minutes. After this use a normal face wash to wash your face. All the dirt, oil, makeup, and bacteria will wash away, and your skin will finally breathe. If you have sensitive skin, then use cleansers that are specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

2- Toner?

You can skip this step if you want but if you don’t then you will get extra benefits from using it. A toner is a liquid in a spray bottle and is applied right after a cleanser. It helps to shrink the appearance of pores and makes the skin smooth and clean.

3- Serum/Treatment

If you have a special skin condition like blemishes, open pores, acne, etc then you need to use a serum. Find the best serum for your skin condition and apply it after toner as it contains active ingredients to treat specific skin conditions. It also helps other products to penetrate deeper and make them more effective.

4- Don’t forget Moisturizer/Night Cream

A heavy moisturizing cream or night cream is a must before you go to bed. Invest in heavy moisturizers and apply them generously all over your face and neck. Your skin will surely thank you for doing this.

5- Eye cream

Don’t forget to add an eye cream to your daily night skincare routine because the skin around your eyes is the thinnest and it needs special treatment. A good eye cream will keep dark circles, under-eye bags, and wrinkles at bay.

6- Lip Balm

Most of us forget about our lips during our daily night skincare routine. If your whole skin looks fresh but your lips look dry and chapped, then you are still on the losing side. Apply a lip balm before you go to bed or you can also apply coconut oil.

If you want a flawless skin, then a skincare routine for the night is as essential as water is to the body. Avoid skipping nightly skincare routine and wake up every morning looking refreshed.

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