Equipment Needed as a Beginner CosmeticFormulation Hobbyist

Updated: Jan 11

The cosmetic industry is growing exponentially as we speak. With thousands of new products coming out now and then, it seems like an amazing prospect to follow. Cosmetics include both makeup and skincare products that are made with the purpose of altering or enhancing one’s appearance. If you’re a cosmetic formulation enthusiast that wants to start formulating their products, you’ll need a few basic tools and equipment. Let’s see what those are and how they’ll enable you to follow your passion!

The first thing any cosmetic formulator needs is a weighing scale. Formulations are all about precise measurements of the ingredients that go into a product. With these products, you can’t eyeball anything! So, a good quality weighing balance to help you efficiently measure quantities is a good start. Alongside the weighing balance, you will need some basic apparatus to handle your ingredients. This includes beakers, measuring cylinders, test tubes, pipettes, spatulas, etc. When you’re done making your products and want to store/sell them, you need containers for that too. Luckily, these apparatuses are easily available, and you can get them in bulk off of Amazon!

Are you excited to start your cosmetic formulation journey? Not so fast, because you also have to protect yourself while you’re having fun experimenting. This means you need personal protective equipment (PPE) to minimize workplace exposure and hazards. PPE’s include protective clothing like gloves, masks, aprons, goggles, hair nets, etc. Many ingredients and materials are potential irritants. Moreover, longtime exposure is harmful to your health. So, remember to prioritize your health and safety by opting for PPE’s whenever you work

Lastly, what you need is a designated workstation. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy. But it should have a basic work area where you can do your thing uninterrupted. Doesn’t sound that complicated now, does it? Following your dreams takes hard work and determination. The rest falls into place as we go along!

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