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Nurturing postpartum mental health through holistic crafts

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Sponsor a  postpartum self-care box for someone in need 

Our postpartum box are self-care packages promoting kindness, wellbeing, mindfulness, creativity, motivation, inspiration and love. By sponsoring a postpartum box you are helping to uplift a person in need who may be struggling with their physical or mental health.

How Crafting helps me..

Cutting Soap

Kristina Eastway

I started making soap when my school job shut down for Covid. I'm positive it saved my sanity.

Woman Cutting Fabric

Desiree Peeples

Yes, being creative and getting messy are things I am finding so much fun with nowadays. It's definitely helped with my mental health.

Pouring Candle Wax

Jessie Bella

My best days are days I'm working on products! It could pull me out of complete bed ridden depression!